Quality Statement

You can be confident that when you buy from JEM, you buy quality and will receive the material that you, our customer, have specified. Why? Because quality is JEM Technologies number one priority in supplying electronic components and we have implemented a robust process that ensures you receive authentic, high quality material.

During the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in counterfeit, previously used, substandard, and non-original material entering the US marketplace. JEM has instituted an exacting process that avoids these issues. This process ensures that you receive the authentic product you and your customer demand.

Our process uses focused inspection and control points beginning with supplier qualification and ending with part guarantees at our customer site.

  • Supplier qualification: JEM’s process starts by requiring each of our suppliers to pass a rigorous supplier qualification process before they can sell to us. This process requires that every supplier follows a QC program that meets our specifications. Only then will JEM procure material, which then must go through our in-house inspection process.
  • In-house inspection process: Our inspection process eliminates any chance of counterfeit or substandard product anywhere in the supply chain.
  • Our skilled incoming inspection team uses a multi-step inspection process guaranteed to detect any substandard product or discrepancies. This process begins with incoming package inspection, encompasses part marking examination, microscopic inspection for authenticity, and more, including a photographic record of each item sold.
  • Expert in-depth analysis: If our in-house inspection yields any indication that an item is not authentic, we utilize independent testing experts – leaders in the field – to aid in verifying authenticity and quality. Our testing partners will examine, de-capsulate, heat, chemically and electrically test the parts as verification of authenticity.
  • Part guarantees at our customer site: Because we are certain we deliver only authentic, high-quality material, JEM is confident in extend-ing a warranty for form, fit and function to the manufacturer’s specification for a standard 30 day period.

Behind JEM’s quality inspection services is the industry’s premier authentication and failure analysis expert, Custom Analytical Services, located in Salem, NH (www.customana.com). Custom Analytical serves the Military, Commercial, Aerospace and Medical industries which includes the DoD and NASA. Their 20+ years in business draws upon the experience of producing semiconductors for 30 years prior to founding Custom Analytical Services.

JEM is well aware that while all elements of the procurement process are important, most notably Price, Quality, and Delivery, customer success is dependent upon high quality product. JEM’s goal is to service our customers with Quality first. Everything else will follow. We welcome inquiries about our quality verification process and we are happy to share our process with our customers. Please contact us to learn more about how we ensure you buy high quality, authentic parts, components, and products.