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matrix-orbitalSince 1995, Matrix Orbital has engineered, manufactured and delivered innovative LCD solutions to the advanced technology, defense, and aerospace industries, and to a growing list of companies requiring industrial instrumentation featuring the ultimate digital information display. Matrix Orbital LCD units are the first choice of leading engineers who want a powerful design with easy and cost effective implementation.

Prior to the advent of Matrix Orbital technology, existing LCD’s were difficult and time consuming to interface into projects and products. Matrix Orbital engineers solved this problem by designing a revolutionary intelligent serial interface for LCD’s. Using proprietary technology, Matrix Orbital custom manufactures LCD solutions that offer a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, functions and innovations to meet industry demand.

JEM Technologies support the full range of Matrix Orbital manufactured high-quality displays and accessories:

GTT Series
-serial and USB, full color, graphic TFT touch LCD’s

External LCD’s
-serial and USB character LCD’s with an embedded keypad housed in an enclosure

Intelligent Displays
-feature rich, serial and USB character LCD’s, VFD’s, graphic LCD’s, and graphic touch screens

Economy Displays
-serial and USB character LCD’s and VFD’s

Parallel Displays
– character LCD’s, VFD’s, graphic LCD’s, and graphic touch screens

PC Bay Inserts
-serial and USB character LCD’s, VFD’s, and graphic LCD’s with included accessories

-cables, keypads, mounting brackets, and VFD filters

Interface Modules
-serial, I2C, and USB interface boards