Line Card Manufacturer’s list

JEM Technologies’ expert research team can source high quality authentic manufacturers’ parts, components, and products when you need them, at a price you’ll appreciate. We routinely source the authentic materials you need from the manufacturers, such as XILINX, Altera, Matrix Orbital, Texas Instruments (TI), Motorola, and many other suppliers.

JEM Technologies solves sourcing challenges for you, delivering authentic manufacturers’ components and products needed to keep production lines running. We are specialists in end-of-life product sourcing, sourcing small quantities, and beating the lead-times of our larger competitors.

Quality is the number one priority for JEM Technologies and we have implemented an Engineered Quality Process ensuring you receive authentic manufacturer’s components and products. This process ensures that counterfeit, previously used, substandard, and non-original material doesn’t enter the supply chain. You can be confident that the XILINX, Altera, Matrix Orbital, Texas Instruments, Motorola, or material from other manufacturers you receive is authentic.