About JEM

JEM Technologies was founded in 2002 as an independent stocking distributor. Today JEM Technologies is a flourishing, nimble company that works aggressively to resolve the specific sourcing challenges customers present to us. We are experts at finding the scarce materials customers need whether due to allocation, obsolescence, or other supply chain obstacles. Our extensive network of high quality suppliers helps us deliver materials needed inside lead-time and/or in smaller quantities. We tap every market for potential qualifying suppliers and we support customer challenges by selectively and surgically searching for the parts, components, or products they need.

What has working with JEM meant to our customers? Examples illustrate the potential:

  • Manufacturer: Potential scrap becomes profit: A manufacturer experienced a long-term down time on one product line due to a shortage of one discontinued component. Pressure was mounting to scrap all the partially made boards on hand, getting material off inventory and freeing up the production line. JEM sourced enough of the discontinued item for the manufacturer to produce finished goods leading to $500K in revenue.
  • Distributor: Restoring customer confidence: One distributor ordered the wrong component and found it was unable to deliver the right product to its customer on time. JEM sourced the needed material and delivered it in far less than expected lead time. The distributor’s customer was able to recover and the distributor avoided the potential loss of their customer.
  • Contract manufacturer: Cutting cycle time through Customs: A manufacturer needed material from Asia sent to a CM in Mexico, but wanted to be sure it was authentic, high-quality product. JEM’s logistics team shortened the supply chain by having the manufacturer ship the product to JEM. JEM then expedited the order, pulling it in from overseas, paying for the material and customs and brokerage fees, inspecting the product and then internationally drop shipping it immediately to the CM.

At JEM, we place the utmost emphasis on Quality. Our Engineered Quality process includes a multi-step receiving and inspection program that eliminates the potential for counterfeit product to ever enter our supply chain. Quality is our top priority surpassing any other supply chain metric and we will be happy to go into the details of this process for you. Concerned about pricing? We can often supply material from available stock and at lead-time if ongoing cost savings are a goal to be attained. JEM works directly with very large OEMs and CMs, supplying quality material at very competitive prices. Due to our strategic relationships with companies that measure material spend in the billions of dollars we are frequently able to procure original material at prices that many mid-sized OEMs and CMs cannot match.

The Bottom Line: JEM is the sourcing resource you need on your team, ready to help you solve whatever sourcing challenges come your way.